CGAR – Combo Garbage

*Industrial Design Protection-Patent Pending*

Garbage, oil, bathroom, and many more options available on the Combo Garbage skid. Some options include a metal shear above the metal bin to cut up those large steel cables, a hydraulic press to reduce filter waste size and the ability to squeeze out enough oil from a rag to be able to re-use them. Call us for a tour to see how the Combo Garbage unit will be the right fit for your project!

  • 40,000 lb. garbage compactor with 40 cubic ft. capacity
  • Filter crusher and rag de-oiler
    • Removes enough oil from filters they can be recycled to metal scrap
    • Removes enough oil from rags they can be re-used
  • Oil containment tank with offloading pump
    • Filled from filter crusher or pour in direct
  • Used oil rag barrel
  • Bins for bottles, glass, cans, wood
  • Metal bin with cable shear
  • Heated dry washroom
  • Area lighting
  • Compactor can hold about 80 residential garbage bags

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