Weather can be unpredictable. We have the equipment to help get your home, farm, or business operating back to normal when the unexpected happens.


specialized equipment when you need it the most.

Remediation | Disaster Relief

heater hoses


Our products help in situations of:

-Loss of Heat, Power, Lighting

-Fires, Floods

-Water, Sewer Breaks

heater in use

> Breathable Flameless Heat

-Drying / Heating of homes, shops, barns, facilities, etc.

Emergency Thawing


Barn / Shop / Product Drying

<Residential – Agriculture>

Structure / Concrete Heating

<Construction – Commercial>

> Power Generation and Distribution

-Emergency Power / Lighting

> Scaffold Shelters / Coverings

-Tarped / Heated Structures

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Drying and Heating Equipment

British Columbia

Power and Lighting Equipment


Power and Lighting Equipment