Site Setup & Service

We also service the equipment we provide!

  • Trained field staff for equipment site set-up, maintenance, rig-out
  • Mechanics to maintain our engines
  • Electricians to maintain our variety of powered equipment
  • Plumbers to maintain our sewer and water equipment
  • Journeyman scaffolders to set-up, maintain, rig out our scaffold systems

Site setups can incorporate the following components:

  • Logistics organization for your site
  • 3d planning drawings for your site
  • Combo equipment transport with our hook truck as required
  • Heat traced and insulated sewer hoses
  • Cord stands for our various hoses and cords
  • Pads for our equipment corner jacks
  • Planks to keep equipment off the ground
  • Full equipment set-up, maintenance and rig-out
  • Sewage permits as required
  • Monthly sewer and water samples as required
  • 24 / 7 service and much more!